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Please visit Adam, VA7OJ's website
Ian Simpson VA7IS Website - including real-time weather data

Of Interest to BC Amateurs

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RAC HF Band Plan
BCARCC Vancouver & Fraser Valley Repeater List


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Other Nets

Radio Licensing Authorities

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Industry Canada - Amateur Radio Service
Federal Communications Commission, U.S.A.
Ofcom - the UK radio regulatory service

Technology & Projects

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AntenneX - the magazine all about antennas
AA5TB's Amateur Radio Website
The Maximum PC Network (PC Technology Guide)
The Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP) & Node Status
EchoLink - communicate with other hams via VoIP
Markus Hansen VE7CA's HBR-200 HF Transceiver
eQSO - a ham radio Internet gateway system
N3IS PSK31 Resource
An Overview of Digital Modes
Useful Electrical & Electronics Calculators

DX & Contesting

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The DX Notebook
DX News
DX Calendar
ARRL Propagation of RF Signals
UK Six Metre Group
AC6V's Amateur Radio & DX Reference Guide
SM3CER Contest Service 2001

Callbooks & QSL

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The QRZ Callbook
The Buckmaster Callbook
eQSL - the electronic QSL-card service

Amateur Radio Organizations

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Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC)
The American Radio Relay League
Radio Society of Great Britain
British Columbia Amateur Radio Coordination Council
Orca DX and Contest Club - BC and NW WA
Telephone Pioneers Amateur Radio Club BCEP Page
The Western Canada YL Amateur Radio Website
S.P.A.R.C. Virtual Radio Museum - Location and Hours
Southgate Amateur Radio Club (UK) - find the best ham radio sites on the internet

Amateur Radio Equipment Manufacturers & Dealers

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Icom America Inc.
Icom Canada
VA7OJ's Icom Page
Kenwood Amateur Radio Products
Yaesu USA
SPE - makers of the Expert solid-state amplifier line
Elecraft Inc.
FlexRadio Systems
Apache Labs - innovative, open-source SDR transceivers
RFSpace - SDR manufacturer
Software Radio Laboratory LLC (QS1R)
Microtelecom - Perseus SDR
SGC Inc.
Com-West Radio Systems Ltd.
Burnaby Radio Communications Ltd.
RadioWorld Ltd., Toronto
Augustica Technologies, Barrie ON - ACOM, Alpha and Icom dealer
GPS Central, Calgary AB - Radio communications equipment & GPS
Universal Radio Inc.
RigPix - a database of  radios, accessories & more
Pacific TV - a good source for vacuum tubes, in Victoria BC
West Mountain Radio - makers of RIGBlaster
PAR Electronics Inc. - antennas and RF filters

Computer Information & Software for the Radio Amateur

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PC 911 - friendly, expert computer help in plain English - technical x86 processor information
Practically Networked - build your own LAN
Techencyclopedia - more than 20 000 IT terms
DjVu - a new document capture and transmission technology
DXLab Suite by AA6YQ - free
MMTTY & MMSSTV - amateur radio freeware by JE3HHT
Ham Radio Deluxe - Radio control & digital mode software
HamScope - Amateur Radio Digital Communications Interface
N3IS PSK31 Resource
The WinPSK Program
DXSoft - quality ham radio software for Windows
The Hinternet - WLAN's on ham bands, with commercial hardware
QuickWAS, a tracking tool for WAS awards

Logging Programs

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SD by EI5DI - Free Logging Program (free only initially)
DXLab Suite by AA6YQ - free
SPLog v. 3.22 - Ham Radio Logging Program (Shareware)
WriteLog for Windows - USD 30.00
N1MM's Logging Program - Free Logging Program
The Logger32 Page - free logging programs by Bob Furzer, N4CY

Radio Propagation & Astronomical Topics

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VOACAP Online Coverage and Point-to-Point Predictions
Propagation - from
Solar Terrestrial Dispatch
NASA/Marshall Solar Physics
NASA Near Earth Objects Program and Earth Lights - Science news and Sun-Earth information
Download "Space Weather in Canada" (PDF)
Discover the Cosmos - view the NASA website
IPS Real-Time Space Weather Status Panel (Australia)
The University of Iowa Sounds of Space Page
NASA-JPL Mars Exploration Rover Mission
Current Solar Data (from NOAA)
Radio Emission from Clouds

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