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(formerly the HF Operators' Group)

This is all about technical topics, including HF.

******  TechTopics meetings  are held on the 4th Thursday of each month, starting at 1930, with exceptions as noted in the meeting schedule.  *******

The group provides a forum and focus within NSARC for discussion and learning related to technical topics in amateur radio. For the "Techies" among our members this is the place to be. Naturally, all are heartily welcome.

We have projects planned and regular meetings scheduled with a view to involve interested members in theory and hands-on activities. These projects promise to be informative, practical and interesting.

All members of NSARC are invited to drop in or become involved.

Club Station & Projects:

Currently NSARC has 3 HF operating positions, consisting of an Icom IC-756 Pro III with an Icom IC-2KL 500W amplifier, an IC-7300 SDR and an Icom IC-718 as a GOTA station. These are all fully-capable HF transceivers.

We have three antenna systems, a 160m inverted-V and an N4PC loop, both with SGC automatic couplers at each antenna feed point so that they can be used on all HF bands, and a rotatable 3 element SteppIR auto-tuned Yagi. The inverted V can also be remotely reconfigured to a top load vertical for low band use. A patch panel allows any rig to access any antenna. Patchable band isolation filters allow simultaneous operation of stations. Even our VHF/UHF station, with it’s Icom IC-7000, having HF capability, can be patched through the panel to these antennas.

The Pro III, SDR and GOTA positions all have PC control for logging as well as providing for digital mode operation. The PC’s have sound cards, and the radios have sound card interfaces. All radio positions in the communications room are inter connected to our dedicated LAN. The positions are equipped with SWR/power meters, low pass filters, and dummy loads. Individual band pass filters are available for multi station operation. An IC-2KL 500W amplifier is dedicated to the SteppIR Yagi.

The station is open to all members who might want to operate HF. Remember you can only operate to your licensed qualifications unless there is a control operator present with a higher qualification. (If you hold the Basic qualification without Morse Code, and do not qualify for HF operating privileges, a control operator with a higher qualification must be present.)

During the 2011 – 2012 timeframe, a new operating position was built. The Icom IC-718 GOTA station returned to the air at this new position, having been sidelined for the installation of the SDR the year before. Although the 718 radio figures prominently at this location, this position has been equipped to operate as a multi–functional voice and digital text station. The PC at this station is configured for multiple duties as follows. Firstly, a Pactor III modem is connected to the 718 to provide HF texting capability. Secondly, our separate and existing VHF/UHF packet radio system with its 3 radios and TNCs terminates in this PC as well. Thirdly, a BCWARN terminal was installed that also terminates in this PC providing VOIP and text.

Program Schedule:

TechTopics Meetings - topics for discussion

2018 (start time 7:30 pm.)
Jan 25 HF Wire Antenna Comparison John VA7JW C
Feb 22 HF Trap Dipole Design & Analysis Ed VE7EF C
Mar 22 Smith Charts and Antenna Tunera Nick VA7NRM C
Apr 26 HF Mobile Antennas Keith VE7KW C
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Mentor Stations:

For operators who would like to experience or operate an HF station, a number of club members would be happy to have guest operators work out of their home stations. This opportunity offers a "one-on-one" mentoring environment to become familiar with HF station equipment and operating procedures. This can be rag chews, nets, contests, DX'ing, digital modes, or just HF discussions, and so on.

Please arrange visits individually with the members listed below.

Name Callsign Location E-mail
John White VA7JW Port Moody va7jw at shaw dot ca
Adam Farson VA7OJ North Vancouver farson at shaw dot ca
Gordon Passmore VA7GAP North Vancouver va7gap at shaw dot ca
David Shipman VA7AM West Vancouver davidshipman at shaw dot ca

Other members are welcome to post their stations for visits.

Contest Schedule:

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